Company culture is fostered by the people. We encourage everyone to create the type of spaces they want to be a part of and Litmus provides the support and resources to back it up. As a result, we have a variety of employee-led opportunities to connect and grow together.

Affinity Groups

Engage in community with teammates who share similar backgrounds and experiences.

Professional and Personal Development

Exchange insights, learn new things, or find a safe space for discussions.

Book Club: Web Dev

A group reading and discussing books together about web development, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and software engineering. Past books include:

Engineering Endless Conference

Reimagining conferences as a remote team, this group meets biweekly to watch and discuss YouTube talks together. Past talks include:

Book Club: Leadership

A group to read and discuss non-garbage leadership-related books. Past books include:

Book Club: Product & Design

Read and discuss books about product management, design, innovation, strategy, and related topics. Despite our name, all are welcome — in fact, we have members from multiple functional areas of Litmus currently participating! We believe learning together helps us work better together. Past books include:

Mental Health Meet-Ups

A safe place where people can open up about their experiences with anxiety, depression, stress, or any other mental health topic. It's an opportunity to discuss anything to do with mental health, among peers who understand. The discussions are confidential, but open to anyone who chooses to join.

Team Events

Connect with your teammates beyond the day-to-day work.

Meet-Ups in Person and Virtually

Every year we get together as a whole department for a week of team activities, projects, sharing, games and more! We've done both in-person and virtual ones. Teams may also gather for smaller meetups throughout the year.

Fix-It Week

In 2022, we held our first Fix-It week for our Engineering, Product and Customer Support teams. Think… hack week, but more focused on improving and correcting existing features and systems. More than just fixing things though, we got to work on different teams, try out new skills, and have fun. We ended the week with our first “Fixies” - a demos and awards show for all of the group projects.

Activity Calendar

From quarterly town halls where we all have a chance to share feedback to casual hangs in a virtual Cosmos office, we have a calendar of events to get together and foster our team culture. Some activities include lightning talks (short presentations on anything you want), bingo, trivia, and monthly department All-Hands to keep communication and transparency top of mind.