Support Team

The Support team at Litmus includes Customer Support and Support Engineering. Customer Support helps with product questions and issues, provides feedback to our Product and Marketing teams, manages our knowledge base and more!

Support Engineering serves as an escalation team for troubleshooting and reporting bugs, helping prioritize customer issues, verifying fixes and acts as a bridge between Customer Support and Engineering.

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Our Philosophy

We hold certain beliefs and ideals that shape us as a team. While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the ones that have stood the test of time:

We believe in support-driven growth. Historically, Customer Support metrics are centered around team performance and customer satisfaction, (which are still important) but there’s really not enough showcasing the impact that a support team can have on revenue, retention, LTV etc. While we share some impact through customer success stories, quotes complimenting the team, our efficiency, our communication, etc., we’ve also made it our mission to show the effect our incredible Support Team has on the bottom line.

We are passionate about Customer Support as a lifelong career (not merely a stepping stone). For this reason, we provide two career paths in support, both leadership/management AND more product-focused/specialized roles. In addition to promotions within the team, we’ve had team members branch out and grow their own specialized support team, move into success roles, and move into more technical engineering roles. Overall, we want to support you in your career growth here at Litmus, however, that may look!

Our Values

There are certain traits and habits we look for and foster in our people. These aren't platitudes posted on the wall in some random boardroom; we practice them on a daily basis. They profoundly shape how we work individually and as a team, and have an outsized impact on our culture.

Our Team

You're only as good as the company you keep. Our Support team is a passionate group of knowledge base nerds and problem solvers with a heart for helping people.