The Desks of Litmus Engineering

Nishiki Liu Senior Software Engineer, Applications

Our engineering team has been fully remote for quite some time now, even before the pandemic hit. This is a glimpse into what some of our team’s home desk setups look like!

Adam Hynson, Applications

Adam Hynson's desk

Amanda Prospal, Infrastructure

Amanda Prospal's desk

Allie Sperry, Customer Support

Allie Sperry's desk

Ben Sykes, Site Reliability Engineering

Ben Sykes's desk

Brendan Caffrey, VP Engineering

Brendan Caffrey's desk

Brian Feucht, Infrastructure

Brian Feucht's desk

Chris Tucker Mear, Technical Program Manager

Chris Tucker Mear's desk

Dave Rostocil, Infrastructure

Dave Rostocil's desk

Eddie Cianci, VP Engineering

Eddie Cianci's desk

Emily Skitek, Infrastructure

Emily Skitek's desk

Charlie Cook, Quality Assurance

Charlie Cook's desk

Jordan MacDonald, Engineering Manager

Jordan MacDonald's desk

Nishiki Liu, Applications

Nishiki Liu's desk

Olga Scott, Applications

Olga Scott's desk

Rahim Packir Saibo, Applications

Rahim Packir Saibo's desk

Sam Holton, Applications

Sam Holton's desk

Shawn Brown, Site Reliability Engineering

Shawn Brown's desk

Nicole Swift, Customer Support

Nicole Swift's desk

Teresa Tarn, Applications

Teresa Tarn's desk